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6 thoughts on “About”

    1. No real plans of any sort I live from day to day , besides I have no higher education and struggle with English grammar. I’m 75 and have been retired for 14 years. Up until my retirement I had little time to ponder, since bringing up four children took all my time and effort. At aged 61 I decided to educate myself and did my best to catch up on literature and other subjects. I live with my wife in a small bungalow on the south coast of England our children are now middle-aged and in the fast lane.

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      1. Okay, I would not have guessed that you had ‘no higher education’. Your stories are creative and well-written. I believe reading is THE best way to learn how to write. What you write can not be taught.
        Anyway, I won’t nag, but I did enjoy the two stories I read. 🙂


      2. I agree good journalism can be taught as can good musicianship but to compose something of lasting value is a gift which is very difficult to explain. Good journalism is binned everyday to make way for the latest offerings and so it is with novels , only a few will last a hundred years. I’m content if some , like yourself, get a little enjoyment from my efforts , but I endeavour to put a little moral content into my minatures.


      3. I, too, believe that creativity can’t be taught, but I’m also the poster child for authors who discover their creativity at a later age. Didn’t publish anything until I turned 60. Now I have 6 books to my name. Never say never. 😀


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