Walking the Dog

We delude ourselves if we think dogs want to go anywhere ; we are the only animals that have an insatiable desire to see new places.

The desire is so strong in some they unwittingly engineer their own deaths and are held in awe for so doing.

My dog finds endless interest in where he happens to be and its not always easy to get him to move on. The ground , the trees , the grass and the fences ,to him , are as good as a book to me.

I’m forced to stand around but he is happy , nose to the ground. Some maintain it is their acute sense of smell, while we are egged on by our eyesight , but the migrant farsighted bird travels huge distances not to view the scenery, but to find a better place , because circumstances have changed.

Among the whole kingdom of the living man is the restless one , the seeker, the traveller and now he has set his sights on Mars.

2 thoughts on “Walking the Dog”

  1. By the same token, man is the only creature that has gods, or believes in superior, unseen, divine forces. Even those who claim to be “atheists” are not so from having no pull towards the unseen but mostly to counter the insanity of organized religions – the pull; the question; the “faith” still lingers, and festers. The problem as I see it is that “man” is not an animal; not of the natural order of things. Therefore man is condemned in mind to quest and search for an explanation and an answer to his eternal question: what/who am I? There is an answer to that question – no question is born that doesn’t contain the answer within itself – but accepting it seems impossible to the average Earthian. “Tell me a lie, any lie, about myself, my provenance, my raison d’être, anything but the truth. That, I will never accept.” So the mad quest proceeds apace, and as the population increases, so does the madness that accompanies this pointless drive.


  2. Keep calm man is no big deal and it is true he has left the natural order of things but we know the reason is his intelligence. Man is the one animal that has learnt to manipulate his surroundings to suit himself to such an extent that it is no longer recognisable as natural.
    We are very lucky to have the mind to ask the question who am I? and many millions have not got the life -style to ask such a penetrating question.
    Nicholas Humphrey in his book ‘Soul Dust ‘ gives a a great account of humaness , arguing that the sensation of self-awareness gives us a huge advantage in the race for survival. And so the mad quest proceeds apace !


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