They are extremely useful : ‘ where have you been? ‘Oh just around , not far. ‘ Did you speak to John about his bike ? No he was too busy.

I saw him fighting so I knew he was a violent character, but his dress gave it away as well.

Most of us use them to avoid telling the whole truth ; to get ourselves off the hook or even to convince others that our opinions are correct.

Donald Trump has just released a perfect half- truth by comparing London to New York regarding violent crime and murder. The two cities are comparable and both have a history of violence as pointed out in a careful analysis by the BBC.

Mr Trump implies that although London has very strict gun laws violence and killing are still going on there with knives , and that proves that strict gun laws are no defence against violent death.

Are pupils being shot in their colleges? Are churches and clubs being invaded by gunmen shooting at random?

The media are guilty in the extreme of using true facts to support false conclusions, knowing full well that many will believe their conclusions.

Algebra , science and languages are fine subjects for our young students but will they alone help them to sort out the world which has so many voices shouting information at us day and night.

I detect already an unwillingness by students to listen to those with certain opinions , opting for confrontation rather than debate, the politics of the mob and the lynching party.

4 thoughts on “Half-Truths”

  1. I’m not one for political debate as I lack the enthusiasm to argue my opinion, but even so I remain astounded that Trump was ever voted in. He doesn’t seem to have any understanding of the world and appears unable to rationally process information. Enough said!

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  2. I’ve noticed for some time now that you can a perfectly, or nearly perfectly, logical argument for something that is complete lie. The trick is to realize that logic alone, untested by empirical evidence, can be made to support nearly any conclusion you wish it to support. The key thing to always ask if you wish not to be bamboozled is “What’s the evidence this argument is sound?”

    Excellent post! Thank you for that.

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  3. Logic is fine for mathematics but often fails in politics . The reason is mathematics is amoral but politics is almost all moral. Evidence is essential even when we disagree on its interpretation.

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