As Ken entered his mother’s house an overwhelming sadness seemed to envelope him; everything was as she left it yet she was gone.

How could it be ?The enormity of it hit him and he wished Vera was with him, although he had told her not to come.

He wanted to look round himself before they had to empty mum’s belongings. He went to her bedroom and pulled open the dressing table draw, it was full of bits and pieces , but a small white box caught his eye.

On the top in a childish hand was written ; to Mum love Kenny xxx. He felt totally gutted , tears welled up in his eyes , it was the cheap necklace he had brought with his pocket money when he was ten years old. It was worthless yet his mum had kept it thirty years because she loved him and now she was gone. He picked it up and put it in his pocket and then he had a vision of the future.

He imagined his Vera in thirty years and his own son just as he is now contemplating her death. What a cruel thing time is stripping us of all those we love and finally taking us off into the everlasting. Then he saw the otherside of the coin; after all time brought us many joys , new birth , new experiences , new friends and the joy of living.

Then he knew the only thing he wanted to keep of his mothers , was the cheap necklace, it would remind him that value is not what a thing is worth but what it means.