Actions Speak Louder than Words

Three men sat engrossed in a game of dominoes in a saloon bar and from time to time they chatted and supped their beer.

One was in his twenties, single and quite handsome. Another was a debonair easy going type in his first decade of wedlock.

The last was greying , portly and middle aged, well past his prime.

‘ I’ve just about had my fill of women,’ said the youngest, ‘give me a good beer and a smoke any day.’

‘ If you’ve got any sense stay single ,’ said debonair with a shrug of his shoulders.

‘ The only thing they are good at is nagging,’ said the older man, and he gave a wry smile as he laid his dominoe.

The conversation continued , each sighting the fair sex and extolling the virtues of misogyny.

Then in walked an attractive blonde, stunningly dressed she glided to the bar on her high heels.

The players were silent they stared at this goddess, and all they had said was totally erased in that mutual admiring glance.

5 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

  1. Isn’t that the way with the guys. I blame the bondage of institutionalized monogamy. Something I learned the hard way: one woman can never satisfy the sexual and emotional needs of any one male. Doesn’t work that way except through extreme denial of reality. I don’t believe that Earth people are truly monogamous; society or civilization forced it on them and their nature rejects it.

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  2. The bondage of institutionalized monogamy ; I like the phrase and it has an element of bondage about it . I’m 75 and we managed to bring up four children who are now middle-aged , it was a close call at times and things got near the edge , we survived more by luck than judgement.
    What activity in life does not have an element of bondage about it ?Who can claim to be free? Even the super rich have their problems .
    Some say they would like their time back again to correct mistakes but other different mistakes would trip them , for me once is full of action and quite enough.

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    1. You make an excellent point about bondage. The “System” or Establishment is made up of bondage and even those who manage it are just as much its slaves as the pleebes. Every collective, every group, is a form of bonadage, from the nuclear family to the empire. Many of us refer to earth as “the prison planet” and for good reason. Even our greatest accomplishments are destined to become dust in the wind. The wheel turns, the great revolutions to end elitist oppression in their turn call forth a new breed of psychopaths to replace the ones we guillotined. Then we’re back to “square one” in the game. Snakes ‘n Ladders anyone?
      It doesn’t have to be that way. On my blog, I’ve tried to explain concepts like compassion, self empowerment and detachment. Powerful forces, when properly understood. The problem is, those who would understand them choose to remain sorcerers’ apprentices rather than learning how to both, create and use, the alchemy of the mind. They want to remain safely in the arms of the old while playing with new powers but oil and water don’t mix. One or the other, can’t have both.
      As for this one life’s past, I’m with you: I wouldn’t repeat a moment of it, foolishly thinking I could avoid its pitfalls. Indeed, there’d be a whole new set I would blissfully ignore thinking I know it all…

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