The Skin of Our Teeth

This was the third meeting of the Galatic Liason Committee on the mountains of the moon. 

” This race is very dangerous I think we have no alternative but annihilation ” , said Farloss.

“We need to give them more time , after all they are largely confined to their own planet”, said Jardens as he stared at the committee of eight.

” That is true , but as you know most up and coming civilisations have put aside their differences long before the industrial age is upon them”, answered Farloss.

“The whole planet is in turmoil and many of its creatures are suffering , just see how insensitive they are to each other’s well-being, we cannot let it continue” , said Nantor.

” That is true but this race may, have something special to offer the Galatic Federation just think how quickly they have advanced, and I believe this is due to the conflict”, said Jardens.

After much heated debate the president rose to his feet, ” well friends you have heard the evidence, weigh it carefully, remember if we go for annihilation it will take millions of years for recovery”.

The committee was equally split and the president cast his vote in favour of one more visitation. So the earth and all its teeming millions escaped until the next scrutiny.