Who do you know?

A familiar UK politician was shown a picture of Ant and Dec ( you may not know them) : he looked blank.

The country was in an uproar, and the faith we had in politicians was shaken to its foundations.

He had hardly claimed the pedestal of power  when this monumental ignorance in his knowledge was exposed.

No degree in political science or notches carved on the pole of social standing could ever make up for this.

We fancy we ‘know ‘ all sorts of people who we outwardly recognize, but when the chips are down it’s only ourselves we are really familiar with.

3 thoughts on “Who do you know?”

  1. Yes they are and in the UK we have had a number of expenses scandals. Politics is in general a well paid profession and often the perks are first class since they themselves control the law. We must be careful not to think they are worse than others for they have great temptation. As you work your way up the salary scale the temptation becomes greater. Do you not think we need men and women who are ego driven rather than shrinking violets as leaders?


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